घर India Modi’s clean chit to China

Modi’s clean chit to China


Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the sacrifices of the soldiers will not go in vain, on the other hand, he contributes to Chinese economy which has taken down turn due to Corona pandemic. Is this to be called their foreign policy? Most importantly, why does the Prime Minister seem to be overwhelmed by China’s aggressive move? The Indian government claims that twenty of its soldiers died while guarding the border and we also killed their 43 soldiers. So where is Prime Minister’s reaction? Why is he silent.

When We lost 40 soldiers in Pulwama, at that point of time our government was proudly claiming that its air force had infiltrated the Pakistani border and killed 350 of its militants. There was a lot of debate over that figure as well. But Govt firmed on 350 figures. Home minister Amit shah declared it in a election campaign rally. He took full advantage of that incident for the election. They have failed to show such excitement this time. It is obvious as there is no election right now. If they did it this time, it would help to boost the morale of our soldiers. But, it did not happen so there is a strong feeling among the public that the Prime Minister is hiding something.

In an all-party meeting on Friday, Prime Minister Modi had given a clean chit to China. He said that Chinese troops had not infiltrated our territory and had not taken control of any of our posts on d border. Since 1993, India and China have agreed to abide by the Line of Control (LoC) to maintain peace on the border. On June 15 this year when China violated d line of control agreement, India warned that both nations needed to be complied with. A meeting of commanders from both sides was held in this regard.

China did not honor the agreement reached on the Line of Control, and on the night of June 15, there were two provocative clashes between troops on both sides. There were casualties on both sides. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has alleged that the clash was caused by India’s provocative attitude. Modi has stated that China has not infiltrated. Therefore, China’s statement has been confirmed in one way or another. Obviously, China took advantage of Modi’s clean-chit. Chinese newspaper has reported that Prime Minister Modi himself has said that China has not infiltrated India’s border. Let us assume that Modi did not mean to say that, but the question arises, what was the purpose of giving such a lenient measure to China when twenty of our soldiers were killed?

Actually, we have to ask questions to Modi about this. The people of the country must know the truth. also don’t understand what the opposition parties are doing; Congress party leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi raised many questions and they also faced criticism for that. While on other side, it looks like that Trinamool Congress, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, DMK, both the Communist Parties, Rashtriya Janata Dal, Muslim League, National Conference, MIM and other parties also seem to have given Modi a clean-chit. They do not dare to ask questions to Modi. Opposition parties must stand firmly behind the government in times of crisis in the country but if the government is wrong, questions have to be asked. It seems opposition parties have not overcome from 2019 defeat.

Chinese President Xi Jinping shook hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, waved his hand and signed the trade agreement. China helped Pakistan, India’s enemy, and increased its military presence along the Indo-China border. We kept the friendship promises, but failed to smell China’s conspiracy. We haven’t succeeded to outline strong foreign policy to restrain China.

China constantly used diplomacy with us and betrayed us. The India Sue motto declared aggression and provocation, after China killed our twenty soldiers; But Chinese kept mum and withheld information. Indian government impassionately claimed that we killed 43 Chinese soldiers. But, Chinese did not bother to confirm. At the all-party meeting on Friday, June 19, Modi astonished everyone by saying, Chinese troops had not infiltrated our territory.

The corona virus first appeared in China and then spread around the world. Lakhs of people from all over the world have died, leaving China alone in the world. There were also direct allegations that China created the virus in the laboratory. Now that Indian soldiers have been killed, many countries have sided us and started protesting against China’s actions. India has insisted on reforming the region, be it Kashmir or Ladakh. Therefore, China’s actions on the borders of these regions will be curtailed. China has made full use of India’s enmity with Pakistan. China has created a special economic corridor with Pakistan, but China is not happy with India’s road to Daulat Beg Oldi.

Secondly, China has been uneasy since the Prime Minister’s announcement of a self-reliant India. China fears sanctions on its trade relations. China accounts for 18 per cent of India’s total exports with 90 billion dollars being exported to our country in which China alone accounts for 18 billion dollars.

After China’s violent action in the Galvan Valley, the Indian Entrepreneurs Association decided to boycott 500 items coming from China, but the question is,how many Chinese items are we going to boycott? Our daily lives are dominated by Chinese goods. Some will be boycotted and some will be burnt. If this is what we are going to do, then what should be done with the statue of Vallabhbhai Patel which has been made in China. The Swadeshi Jagran Manch, which is agitating against Chinese goods across the country, should answer this.


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