घर India Korean community in Pune steps forward to help during Covid-19

Korean community in Pune steps forward to help during Covid-19


Pune : With the city slowly coming to terms of living with the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the Korean Association Pune has also come forward to help the people in need in the city.

COVID-19 or the Corona Virus Pandemic has brought life to a standstill, literally, and people from all walks of life are coming forward to help those in distress.

This city is home to around 500 Koreans, who did not leave for their country during the expatriation instead stayed behind and now have donated Rs 10 lakhs to the Bharti Hospital and to the needy.

Korean Association Pune Chairman Hyunsuk Choo, along with his team of volunteers Koreans residing in Pune raised funds of a total of 10.78 lakh rupees (US$ 14,373) from April 25 to May 11, 2020, to help neighbours suffering from the rapidly an increasing number of COVID-19 diagnoses and deaths in the city.

Chairman of Korean Association Pune and Hayeun Yun, in-charge person of the Food Sharing provided food and bottles of water at Pune Railway Station on June 2 and June 7 to approximately 2,600 migrant workers returning from Pune to their hometowns. In addition, food was distributed from June 5 to 17th to 330 households of low-income families. In particular, food and snacks were also delivered to 110 sex workers and their children who are one of the most vulnerable in the crisis,” said Eunjoo Lim, a member of the Korean Association Pune.

She was also part of the committee which raised the funds for donation to the hospital. “We chose Bharti Hospital to donate Rs 5.12 lakhs for their ongoing work as one of the COVID treatment hospitals. This donation is to be used to purchase medical devices to treat COVID-19 patients,” she said.

While Hyunsuk Choo, chairman of the Association said, “This is my city too and along with my team, we will continue to do our best to deliver food package to the vulnerable people in Pune, who need it more than ever before”.


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